Tuesday, 25 June 2013

No more supperclubbing this year

Unfortunately we not hosting any supperclubs this year due to personal commitments but happy to discuss private dining for no more than 8 people. Please get in touch if you would like to book a night, twitter @chai_lounge or email us on info(at)chai-lounge(dot)co(dot)uk

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Diwali mela night

 Diwali, the festival of lights is on 13th November this year. Here at chai lounge we had an early celebration. Planning the menu is great fun and each time I have so many things that I want to make but cooking in a domestic kitchen does not allow it. We wont be doing another supperclub this year, but will see you in the new year. Please email us on info(at)chai-lounge(dot)co(dot)uk if you 'd like to added to the mailing list. Thanks to all the lovely guests that visited us and hopefully see you in the new year.

Happy Diwali to all celebrating and wishing all Gujarati's Sal Mubarak (happy new year)

Some of the dishes that were served on the night, unfortunately I never get a chance to take photos but here are a few.

Starters were a selection of farsans (Gujrati snacks) dhokla, dahi vada with crisp gram noodles, tamarind sauce and spicy tangy bhel puri in lettuce leaves

rose & pistachio barfi

coconut ice

ghoogra filled with almond, coconut, crystalised ginger & cinnamon

kumquat pickle tempered with kaloonji seeds

mitha box for guests

quince,cardamom & almond halva

sweet paan-gulkand,coconut,sweet fennel closed with a clove

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Diwali mela menu - 27 October 2012

sutherfeni mithai

Diwali at home always has great memories, baking and making mithai to cooking an elaborate vegetarian affair was always the heart of it. On the auspicious day we’ll do our pooja (prayer) and then set plates with different farsans and mithai to distribute them to the neighbours. After a great feast we would visit family and friends and end the evening with a magnificent array of fireworks. At chai lounge we’ll be catering for our meat eaters. Here is our menu

welcome mithai(indian sweet)

 pear juice infused with cardamon topped with prosecco


selection of gujarati farsans
farsan is Gujarati snacks usually fried, salty and crunchy.


seasonal lamb pilau served with papad
delicately flavored lamb seasoned with mace and nutmeg cooked in a fragrant rose and saffron rice finished with cashews and raisins

cucumber and rose chaas
cucumber and yoghurt seasoned with rose water and black pepper

grilled munchkins
char grilled pumpkin seasoned with clove and cinnamon

paneer kofta in creamy sauce
lightly spiced paneer koftas in a rich sweet cashew & almond sauce

kumquat pickle
sweet and sour kumquats pickled with kaloonji seeds

hot wholewheat rotli’s to scoop up the lightly spiced paneer koftas


selection of mithai
mithai are Indian sweets served during auspicious occasions. 

sweet masala chai & paan
betel leaf filled with gulkhand, sweet fennel, cardamom and sealed with a clove


one for the road
mithai box

Friday, 28 September 2012

diwali mela at chai lounge - SOLD OUT

mithai - coconut ice shaped in watermelon

Diwali is usually a vegetarian affair in our home but at chai lounge we will cater for the carnivores. Come and try our spread of Diwali dishes, in a selection of veggie and locally sourced meats. 

Date : 27th October 2012
Time : 19:45
Edinburgh location

To secure a ticket book online here.
Once you've booked your tickets to confirm your space please email us on 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Breakfast for dinner

Who would have thought deciding on a breakfast menu would take so long to plan. I finally decided to add just some of my favorites with an intention of having another breakfast themed evening again in the future.

I tried to source most of my ingredients locally and managed to get some great vegetables and edible flowers from the Granton Community Gardens, thanks Tom. The meat was bought from George Bower in Stockbridge and fish from Welch's in Newhaven.

Unfortunately on the night I never get a chance to take any photos. Thanks to the lovely guests that came and we look forward to having you in our home again.

Look out for another date in October where we will be having an early Diwali banquet. More details soon

Turnip from the community garden

espresso martini shaken with cardamon & topped with nutmeg

parsnip & cumin parath with pineapple pickle & yogurt. Potato & powa with sev

puttu to go with lamb stew

Monday, 17 September 2012

Breakfast for dinner menu - 22 September 2012

masala egg

Our breakfast for dinner menu showcases a mix of Gujarati and South Indian dishes which we frequently eat at home. Please note that some dishes may vary depending on availability of ingredients.

Espresso martini shaken with cardamom & sprinkled with nutmeg


potato powa
lightly spiced potato cubes and flat rice tempered with cumin, fennel and curry leaves. Served with fine sev, coriander crest & lime

parsnip & cumin stuffed paratha
parsnip & cumin paratha laced with radish yoghurt & spicy pickle


lamb stew
Autumn lamb on the bone & squash in coconut milk seasoned with black pepper, cardamom & cinnamon 
masala egg
Sunny side up eggs cooked in red peppers, tomato and onion chutney
Sri Lankan dal
creamy dal tempered with curry leaves & mustard seeds
Lightly fried sweet plantains
Saffron steamed rice cakes to soak up the lamb stew
Light and fluffy puris to scoop up the dal and egg masala


Leith mess
srikhand with crushed cardamom & raspberry meringues


sweet masala chai

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Breakfast for Dinner - 22 September 2012

potatoe and powa for breakfast

Come and try our spread of South Indian and Gujerati breakfast dishes, in a selection of veggie and locally sourced meats. 

Date : 22nd September 2012
Time : 19:45
Edinburgh location

To secure a ticket book online here.
Once you've booked your tickets to confirm your space please email us on info@chai-lounge.co.uk